More than 13 persons were killed in latest round of Ukraine protests. Violence erupted between hard line protesters and police. The violence erupted after more than a week of calm.

The latest violence has once again brought the protests in Kiev into sharp focus. The US has expressed dismay at the unwanted violence and urged all parties to maintain calm.

Vice President Biden rang the Ukraine President to express his government’s grave concern at what it called unwanted violence. Biden called on the Ukraine President to pull back Government forces and immediately start political discussions with the protesters to end the impasse.

The violence marked a turning point in the country’s history.

US Vice President Biden has categorically stated that his country does not endorse violence by any side. However he added that it is the responsibility of the Ukrainian Government to deescalate the situation.

US Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Obama administration is shocked by the violence and the needless deaths of innocent citizens. Though the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt has threatened sanctions against both the partners, the US has announced no sanctions.

Pyatt said on Twitter, in both English and Russian, “We believe Ukraine crisis can still be solved via dialogue, but those on both sides who fuel violence will open themselves to sanctions,”

Carney has urged the Ukraine President to start talks with the opposition and protesters and find an amicable solution. Force and intimidation is not a solution to the current impasse and the US government condemns in strongest terms the use of force by both sides.

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