Uber, the taxi-sharing service, is now in the news for joining the race to place a winning bid on the Nokia Here Maps. Going with the chatter among the tech folks, the acquisition of the Google Maps’ rival service can help Uber cut last few lose ends with the Internet giant. The taxi-sharing service has placed a bid of $3Bn on the Here Maps.

Apart from providing everyone with a private driver, Uber is also emerging as a logistic services company for delivering people and objects from one city to another. However, the app relies heavily on Google Maps for the riders to call a cab, and for the drivers to navigate.

Acquisition of the Here Maps will put Uber in a situation where it can independently rely on and operate on its own navigation system, however, a handful of German automakers, including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW are testing and manufacturing their self-driving vehicles with the help of Here Maps. Apparently, they are also in the race to place a winning bid for the Here Maps.

Other companies including, Microsoft and Facebook, are also in line for acquiring the Here Maps.

Uber, in its initial days, was funded by the Google for its development, however, soon the Internet giant started manufacturing its own fleet of self-driving cars to compete with Uber. Uber, on the other hand, has also started testing and producing the autonomous cars that would soon become the part of company’s ever growing network.

Reports suggested that the transport company invested nearly $4 Bn in making a fleet of autonomous cars. The total amount spent is probably what company raised since it started back in the year 2009.

Nokia or Uber have declined to give a comment on it, however, the Finland-based company can probably declare the acquisition by the end of May 2015.

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