War between Android and iOS is hitting up. Windows Phone OS is making its mark. And now we have most popular open-source operating system coming to the mobile – ubuntu. As per updates on the official website, Ubuntu phones are to hit market in 2014. Canonical community manager Juno Bacon has confirmed that Ubuntu phones will be the next big thing in the mobile OS market. Official website suggests features of the OS in various demos on the website. It has also provided list of possible careers who will launch Ubuntu phones this year.

Features of Ubuntu Phones

  • As described on the website, Ubuntu phones will feature a unique lock screen that is designed to develop according to your usage. Images display neat and organized interface of Ubuntu phone.
  • These phones are to be equipped with all edge swipe feature where swiping from different side of edge will bring different applications in front. This feature is also intended to be used to switch between different applications.
  • Gallery of the device comes with unique cloud upload feature. As soon as you click a picture, it will be uploaded to Ubuntu One personal cloud and you can access it from any device running on mobile operating system.
  • Ubuntu phones understand your behavior and evolve accordingly and thus search feature is smarter than ever. When you search for something using Ubuntu Dash, it searches for your phone as well as Internet and remembers the search pattern for next time. 
  • Users can reply to any notification directly from notification bar itself.
  • Apart from many native apps, which are lightning fast, Ubuntu phones also come equipped with web applications like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps and Dropbox. All these apps maintain their original logos and functionalities making user to work efficiently with them.

Look and feel of Ubuntu phones is definitely impressive and different from Windows, Android or iOS. If received appropriately, of which we are quite sure, these phones can capture large share of market soon after release. You can learn more about Ubuntu Phones on their official website.

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    You don’t read a broad cross-section of smart/feature-phone articles, do you?
    Just a small hint: Shuttleworth has publicly slipped his ‘phone schedule from 2013, to 2014, and now, to 2015.
    What do think is next?
    If you say, “The toilet”, you’ll probably be correct.


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