Russia has finally started flexing its muscle with reports that Russian forced have occupied Sevastopol airport in the Ukraine autonomous state of Crimea. Pro Russian Militia has also occupied the other major airport in Crimea, Simferopol. However Russian Black Sea Fleet has denied that Russian Servicemen are involved. Meanwhile Ukraine interior minister, Arsen Avakov has accused Russian naval forces of occupying Sevastopol airport in the autonomous region of Crimea. He termed the presence of Russian forces as an armed invasion.

The old airport building, though not one of the terminals, but containing the control tower has been taken over by armed men who arrived by trucks in the night. The men wore green uniforms with no markings, helmets and body armor. The men were not wearing the regular service boots but an assortment of footwear.  They could be either Russian regular or pro Russian militia but not the Ukraine army.

It is still not clear who they are and the traffic and other duties are being performed pro Russian activists. Meanwhile the Ukraine Parliament has urged the United Nation Security Council to discuss the situation in Crimea.

The instability has caused citizens to withdraw deposits from banks in panic forcing the Ukraine’s central bank has put a 15,000 hryvnia (1,000 euro; £8,200) limit on daily bank withdrawals in hard currency.

Relations with Russia and Ukraine have worsened after the ouster of the Pro Russian Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych earlier this month in a bloody revolution. The tensions are palpable especially in the only Russian speaking region in Ukraine.

The situation in Ukraine is fast turning into a Yugoslav like situation and Crimea has become the bone of contention between Ukraine’s new leaders and those loyal to Russia.


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