President Barack Obama won reelection Tuesday with 50% of the popular vote and 301 Electoral Votes. The results brought to a close one of the nation’s most bitter and close elections in history. Major TV networks broadcast at approximately 11:10 pm that Obama had been reelected, as a number of swing states such as Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado and Wisconsin fell in his favor. Those states pushed the President over the 270 threshold of electoral votes necessary to be president.

At around 2:00 am President Obama, at a boisterous rally in Chicago, spoke to supporters and the nation. He said the U.S. was a big family that rises and falls together as one people and one nation. He told his happy supporters that the best was still to come.

He added that the economy was recovering and nearly 10 years of war were coming to an end. Obama said he had learned from Americans and had listened to them and knows they want to see action and not just the status quo. He said he would focus on bringing new jobs into the economy and he looked forward to working with Congress including members of both parties.   Challenger Mitt Romney told a gloomy group of his supporters in Boston that he conceded to President Obama and had congratulated the President. He also wished the entire Congress good luck, but in particular Obama, the first lady and their daughters.

Romney said great challenges for the U.S. lied ahead and he would pray that President Obama would be successful in leading the country out of the difficult challenges it faces. He urged governments at local, state and the federal level to put the people of the U.S. first and politics second.

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