The Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research – A new study published in Current Biology says that the unusual reproductive habits of the vampire squids can be the reason behind their longer life. Most of the squids spawn only once. However, vampire squids have a tendency to spawn many times even more than 100 times in their lifetime.

Biologists believe that this could be due to the low-energy lifestyle of these squids as they live in deep seas with almost no light.


Squid Vampires Reproduce Multiple Times

Researchers have long wondered about the reproduction process of vampire squids. During the recent research, they found something very interesting. While speaking to Christian Science Monitor, Henk-Jan Hoving of the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel revealed information on the study.

He said that it has been observed that the vampire squids do not have enough energy to spawn all their eggs at one time. Hence, they do so over a span of time, which can be the main reason behind their longer life.

This observation is supported by the fact that animals that reproduce multiple times have a longer life as compared to those who spawn only once through their life cycle. It means that vampire squid may have a longer life than its counterparts such as the celeoid cephalopod may be having.

These strange animals, alternate their spawning period with the resting phases. This type of pattern is common among the fish species living in the lower depths of the ocean.

Even now, the researchers are unaware of most of the things that occur in the deep chest of the ocean as some animals and living organisms live in the unreachable depths. That is why; the marine ecologists until now have not been able to decide the exact lifespan of many animals living in the lower depths. But this recent study can certainly make way for new findings and reveal new secrets stored in the vast depths of the oceans.

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