The US FDA has finally decided to put its feet down on the fast growing electronics cigarette industry. The FDA is now proposing new regulations pertaining to the manufacture and use of e- cigarettes.

The latest regulations which were made public on Thursday gave wide powers to the FDA to regulate e-cigarettes and placing them under the same category as cigarettes. The e-cigarettes will not be available for minors now and all the rules pertaining to the sale of cigarettes will be applicable on e-cigarettes also.

FDA armed with the new rules will gain a lot of powers, which until now had no Federal oversight. The new rule encompasses a wide range of products under its ambit and it includes cigars, pipe tobacco, nicotine gels and water pipe (or hookah) tobacco.

The rule is one more step towards making the next US generation Tobacco Free. The FDA has brought strict regulations for the manufacture and sale of newly deemed tobacco products like e-cigarettes. This includes-

  • Manufacturers are required to register the product and ingredients with the FDA
  • New products could be marketed only after FDA review,
  • Claims of reduced health risks should be confirmed by FDA only after the production of scientific evidence which supports the claim and that marketing the product will promote public health,
  • No free samples to be distributed

Additionally the proposal also requires all the rules pertaining to minimum age and identification restrictions to prevent sales to underage children; health warnings and prohibit sales through vending machines unless the premises debars entry for children permanently.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg said in the news release “Tobacco remains the leading cause of death and disease in this country. This is an important moment for consumer protection and a significant proposal that if finalized as written would bring FDA oversight to many new tobacco products. Science-based product regulation is a powerful form of consumer protection that can help reduce the public health burden of tobacco use on the American public, including youth.”


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