The US took no chances with the security precaution for the Sochi Olympics and had sent two US Naval ships. However one of the two US Naval ships has run aground at a Turkish port. This was announced by officials on Tuesday.

One of the two frigates which were sent by US, USS Taylor was preparing to moor at Samsun to refuel, when it ran aground. The US Navy said in a statement that there have been no injuries and the incident is being investigated.

After the ship docked at the port it went through an initial inspection which revealed that its propellers have been damaged but there has been no damage to the hull.

Commander Philip Rosi, spokesman for the US Sixth Fleet, which manages American ships in the Mediterranean, said that it is not clear when the ship will commence sailing once again in the Black Sea.  The frigate is manned by a 200 member crew.

Pentagon had announced that it will deploy two frigates, USS Taylor and USS Mount Whitney in the run-up to the Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi as a security precaution. There were concerns that Islamist extremists from the restive Caucasian states will try to disrupt the Winter Olympics and the two ships in the region would be useful if there is a need for evacuating American athletes in case of any emergency.

Earlier US officials had complained that Russia is not forthwith in sharing intelligence on potential threats.

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