The US government through the Attorney General, Eric Holder has announced September 27, 2014, for take-backs of unused prescription drugs from residents everywhere within the country. Authorized pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other approved collectors have been designated as collection points for this unused drug take-back effort, and citizens can mail in their unused prescription drugs to these authorized facilities on the appointed day.

According to Attorney General Eric Holder, over 20,000 drug overdose deaths arise from prescription drugs within the US, “these shocking statistics illustrate that prescription drug addiction and abuse represent nothing less than a public health crisis. Every day, this crisis touches and devastates the lives of Americans from every state, in every region, and from every background and walk of life.”

The US Attorney General Holder further states that “ the Department of Justice has taken aggressive steps to fight back—by targeting the illegal supply chain, by disrupting so-called ‘pill mills,’ and by expanding public health, education, and law enforcement efforts. But we also recognize that much of this work must start at home. Nearly four in 10 teens who have misused or abused a prescription drug have obtained it from their parents’ medicine cabinet. That’s why, today, I am announcing that we are expanding drug take-back efforts by introducing new ways for people to safely dispose of old or unused prescription drugs.

“Through new DEA regulations, patients will be allowed to more easily join the fight against prescription drug abuse by dropping off their leftover medications at pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other ‘authorized collectors.’ Beyond authorizing new drop-off sites, the new DEA rule will allow long-term care facilities to assist in the disposal of prescription controlled substances belonging to current or former residents. And most importantly, patients or their family members can mail their prescription controlled substances to an authorized collector using prepaid mail-back packages that can be obtained right from their pharmacy or from other locations like libraries and community centers.”

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  1. Jim

    God made idiots and once he had it right… he made politicians.

  2. This Old Housewife

    We have no children, so where’s the kid(s) that are abusing my meds without my knowledge? Knowing Holder, the next step will be door-to-door inspections of medicine chests via SWAT teams busting down doors with no-knock warrants.

    • jaylew714

      Right? This is the same kind of nonsense that the old “Turn In Your Guns…No Questions Asked” program(s) tried to promulgate. In the end… guns of any real value…be it value in terms of “one more off the street” or literal negotiable value….nothing real ever resulted from this kind of sheer nonsense. People were turning in rusty completely non-functional guns from the bottom of pap-paps pond just to get the 50 dollar vouchers that were being used to lure, entice and massage participation levels.

      I mean seriously….the kind of people who are so easily duped into the pitiful notion that pathetic programs like this prescription one is …will really make one single molecule of difference in the real volume…fashion….or means that prescribed oxycontin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprolazam, diazepam, or anything else that makes human beings generally feel better AFTER taking than they did before…….all of those pills will still make their profit driven way out and onto the streets…..and anyone who thinks otherwise is really missing the entire real point.

      Just look how Fisch responds above….he she has no problem at all turning this into a Green “Save The Whales” Ecological Impact Project…….Fisch… he she could NOT care less about the human being factor involved in this prescription drug use or abuse……it’s just so much easier for liberals to worry about polar bears and ice and the infinitesimally small levels of contamination that might result from us all flushing our unused prescriptions down the crapper. The same people who adore birth control pills…..are often found railing against the toilet method of disposal of such hormones……but rest assured its not really the hormones in the sewage that has their underwear in a knot…..its the fact that birth control pills are so sacrosanct to the left…that disposing of them EVER is as close to becoming an apostate that the only thing worse in the liberal existence is finding out that one of their siblings voted for a Republican…..or worse….a Libertarian.

  3. jaylew714

    Wow…this should really put a big dent in whatever “drug problem” the Department of Justice has just chosen to illuminate and identify….******excuse me while I try to keep from typing BWAHHHH****** ….Unused Prescription Pill Bottles…which according to Holder….”is nothing less than a public health crisis”.

    Sometimes even the most ardent left leaning liberals don’t know just how telling their own emotional interpretation(s) of American Life really are. We finally have an Attorney General of the United States who admits that illicit drug use is a “Health” issue……and so hey Eric…..does that mean your Drug Enforcement Goon squads will stop treating “the entire drug use culture, business model, and production phenomena” as a CRIMINAL ISSUE? Probably not.

    ….and once again folks there you have it…..the duplicity of good old schizophrenic Uncle Sam.

    Instead of actually clamping down and destroying the combined complicit multi-billion drug enforcement drug cartel machine by removing the profit motive via total across the board decriminalization……instead….. this drug war dinosaur will continue to plod on through the swamp….like Barney with a bulletproof vest.

    Drug use and abuse is now and has always been a health issue. Nothing more…nothing less.

    It’s our politicians and their “enforcers” who have turned it into an entire game of “cops and cookers”….and an industry rife with pitiful gun violence, murder, corruption on the streets and in city halls, and every other bad thing that comes with the giant mountains of money that anything “illegal” always seems to attract.

    Tell me this Eric Holder….you show me how you are going to convince an inner city 18 year old high school black kid that he really should be flipping burgers for nine bucks an hour over at that Mickie Dees across the street…instead of slinging crack for 6 hundred bucks a night??????????????????? You tell us Eric Holder the real truth about why that nasty crap crack this kid is slinging is worth the 6 hundred bucks he is raking in. It’s because the nasty crack crap is illegal that’s why.

    The second the hugely inflated price of illegality is extracted from the street drug equation…the profit motive shrinks immensely and the associated gun violence shrinks with it. There will still be so-called drug use… one is ever going to stop that……but it will then be exposed for what it has been all along….a public health problem.

    The reason people produce, manufacture, and sell drugs is because of the profit motive….I mean this is really not all that complicated. Of course all the Harvard Yale types will try their level best to keep it complicated because a simpler life to them is nearly impossible to grasp. Meddling in codified regulations, rules, and personal behavior modification by force is the specialty skill set of most self anointed know-it-alls.

    • Billy Gates

      Knife abuse is also a health issue… but you sure don’t mind using yours to cut into a juicy steak. Should the government ban all knives as well? Or would that be too inconvenient for you.

      It is simple natural selection. those who can’t responsibly take care of themselves will overdose and die… problem solved, now they can’t pass on their retarded genes…..

      • jaylew714

        I think there might be some kind of retardation involved in the entire thought process of anyone who thinks they can craft, legislate and then “enforce” regulations that when stripped down and analyzed we find that nowhere in the real equation was there any real identification of the very issue(s) the rules were supposed to mitigate.

        Please note I only indicated “drug use” in this story’s context was a health issue…it certainly is not an issue of “good or better” health through drug use. The entire “business” of street drugs including the re-routing of drugs that were once in a prescription bottle……is ALL driven by the pile of money anything illegal always seems to create. In the end for most everyone involved in it…..the “drug” world almost always boils down to an issue of health.

  4. John Gabriel

    They want my medication?! Take it over my dead body! As you would my firearm.

    Americans have become such big babies. And the scum in DC have turned into dictators. They were sent there as servants, but now they see themselves as rulers.

    • Fisch

      Wow, paranoid much? I think you’re entirely missing the point of this program. If you are using your prescription meds., then by all means- continue to do so. However, if you are not and/or they are expired, why not dispose of them properly or prevent a child from gaining access to them? Flushing them down the toilet is not a proper disposal method and only contaminates the water supply.

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