Have you ever heard of the deadly viral disease known as measles? Well, if no then might be the news may bring your attention to it. Measles, the contagious viral disease, is said to be spreading in California. As per the US health officials, the contagious illness is showing up in those people who have recently visited Disneyland or the neighboring Adventure Park. The number of people infected with Measles now stands at 26.

The report states that as many as 22 cases are said to be a result of visits to the Anaheim Parks. Most of the patients visited the parks between December 15, 2014 and December 20, 2014. Apart from California, two cases of measles have been reported in Utah. Also, there is one case reported in both Washington State and Colorado.

The virus of measles can stay in the air for up to two hours. It spreads when a person suffering from disease coughs. The initial symptoms of the viral disease are fever, cough, red eyes and runny nose. Later, the person gets red rashes on the body.

The health of people suffering from measles improves within a few weeks. However, the problem can result in serious complications in malnourished kids.

The health officials are giving utmost attention to the matter. The number can rise in the coming days if the four possible cases are confirmed after investigation. The six countries which accounted for 70% of global measles deaths in 2013 are Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan.

The officials of Walt Disney Parks have said that they will provide all the information and support to the California Health Department. As of now, the area is said to be safe for visitors. The officials said that there is no reason to stop visits to Disneyland or other Adventure Park.

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