Opting for laughing gas during deliveries has become an increasingly popular method across the world. Almost all European countries and Canada have many hospitals where a pregnant woman is provided with laughing gas to help them through their contraction and delivery process. This method of using Nitrous Oxide gas during deliveries, was largely practiced in the United States, but since the advent of epidurals, this method has been largely neglected.

A major advantage of using this gas is that it helps a woman to calm down and relax during the contractions. However, it would be misleading to say that it nulls down the sensations of pain, but at the same time, never does a moment arise when the process seems to be impossible for the mother.

Moreover, speaking purely in terms of money, it has been largely advised to opt for the laughing gas over epidurals since the former costs about $100 while the latter costs well above $3000. Also, since it is a non invasive process, the mother can decide if she wants to inhale the gas anytime during the contractions.

Another advantage of using the gas is that it leaves the body as quickly as it enters, unlike its narcotics counterpart, which takes a long time to get rid of its effects. Moreover, the feeling of relaxation is instantaneous.

The gas had been previously used by dentists and has shown many remarkable results. However, it is yet unclear as to how safe this method has been since, unlike its narcotics counterparts, it targets more on a mental level. Your body might not be able to take the pain, but your mind still would be able to. Excess doses also might lead to nausea and dizziness. The gas also affects the level of awareness, which is why most mothers who wanted to feel completely aware of the process, opted for epidurals over the gas.

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