Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) will now allow its users to opt-out the ad-tracking feature called “SuperCookie”. The company was forced to brought this feature in action when they started receiving strong criticism from the agencies advocating consumer privacy. SuperCookie apparently tracks your Internet activity to supply appropriate advertisements.

However, that raised a concern among users as if the telecom company is trying to spy on them.

Some of the security researchers detected that the SuperCookie can be easily exploited by the third party advertisers who can further use it to know about the Internet usage of the user, however, the company said that the purpose of Supercookie is not to spy on its users but for them to analyze the general interest. Verizon, from the very edge, clarified that the company isn’t lousy about its users’ privacy. 

Company’s spokesperson said that the Verizon takes the user privacy very seriously and is intended to develop the products that have robust privacy protection measures. He also said that the company never and ever will share the consumer data with third party advertisers for the ad purposes.

Though the company has denied about breaching the privacy level, Verizon has been dealing with accusations about the service. The day before the enterprise announced it, Verizon received a letter from four Democratic members of the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation criticizing the ‘SuperCookie’.

Since the company has not provided any ‘Turn-Off’ feature for the SuperCookie, it cannot be erased out of the smartphone. One possible way to do is that you unsubscribe from the Precision Market Insights program by accessing the company’s wireless web portal.

It has also been reported that the company has also started developing an easy to remove version of the ‘SuperCookie’ so as to avoid any such instances in the future, but it won’t stop collecting the user information.

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