Together with feelings of relief and closure, Osama Bin Laden’s death understandably also reactivated the fear of terrorism. Memories of the tragic circumstances of 9/11 have bounced back into people’s awareness like it was just yesterday.

We all know how debilitating fear can be. How helpful might it be to find a simple method for dealing with such fears? And not solely fear of terrorism, but also the usual fears that stop people from getting the most out of life.

There is. It makes sense to begin with a realistic approach. Statistically, for a person in the United States, the chance of becoming a victim of terrorism is very low. It is statistically just about equal to the chance of being struck down by lightning. For many people, a few deep breaths and a reminder of the statistics can sooth recently triggered fears. But the mere mention of terrorism can activate deeper fear that is not likely to be reduced with common sense.

Luckily, you have a second option. Thousands of people are exploring an amazing technique called EFT Tapping to alleviate fear, anxiety, depression, and a broad range of other painful emotions. It produces such astounding results that experts like Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra are heralding its effectiveness.

What are the Emotional Freedom Techniques and How Does it Work?

Haven’t heard about the EFT Technique? That’s fine. The main thing is to have an open mind, because it’s probably different from anything you’ve seen before. “Tapping” as it is often called is unconventional and surprisingly rapid. It doesn’t cause pain or involve anything that’s invasive, so just about anyone can do it.

There is also a rational explanation for the amazing effectiveness of EFT. It involves tapping on a short series of points on the face and upper body that relate to the Chinese meridian points. In theory, tapping with EFT releases congestion in this system, thereby returning the recipient to a pleasant state of balance.

It isn’t necessary to believe any of this to get results with EFT tapping. Everyone responds differently, but people often get positive results with debilitating fears along with a wide range of other troubling emotions within minutes. EFT is so effective that a rapidly growing number of people are learning EFT to use for themselves and their families, and in some cases, to build a practice as EFT Practitioners.

Using EFT to Deal With Fear of Terrorism and More

Coping with habitual fear can take the joy and excitement out of life. Fortunately, it is now simpler than ever to deal with fear. If you can repeat a few simple affirmations and tap on your body, you can do EFT. An investment of time learning EFT will repay you time and time again. Imagine the freedom of being largely clear of fears and other painful emotions!

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