Your jaw acts as a hinge and connects the mandible with the skull. A person uses the jaw to speak and to eat, so obviously, it is quite important. The joint that attached the jaw to the skull is called the temporal mandibular joint. Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction or TMJD is the term used to describe a painful or arthritic jaw.

For people suffering from TMJD, the act of chewing and even speech can be rife with pain. In fact if TMJD is not treated, it can cause further problems. Due to the pain of TMJD a person may experience nutritional problems related to the pain associated with chewing food.

TMJD can have numerous etiologies. Any activities which cause strain on the jaw can lead to TMJD. Often, arthritis can form in this joint resulting in pain or discomfort. Headaches and pain in the ears are some other symptoms related to TMJD.

When patients are suffering with TMJD they believe the traditional medicine will relieve their symptoms in short order. People often question whether a chiropractor can assist with TMJD. The short answer is, chiropractors can definitely help resolve this malady. Chiropractors are fully knowledgeable and trained in the anatomy and physiology of all body joints. In order to treat this vexing affliction, you may consider visiting you local Shelby Township chiropractor practitioner.

Your chiropractor can perform and in depth analysis of your problem and formulate a plan to combat it. Chiropractic is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the disorders which are of a mechanical nature and the effect which mechanical misalignment has on the nervous system and the health of the patient. The use of chiropractic techniques is on the rise, due to the holistic approach employed by its practitioners.

Philosophical elements of chiropractic medicine include holistic medicine, naturalism, and rationalism. Utilizing a holistic approach, a chiropractor will emphasize overall fitness, diet, and exercise to help alleviate maladies. With chiropractic medicine lifestyle, environment, and body alignment are factors of prime consideration. Your local Shelby Township chiropractor can design a suitable treatment regimen for you.

Many patients often express interest in how a chiropractor would go helping them with TMJD. In fact in many cases it has been observed that the chiropractic treatment has been found to be more effective than the relief gained by utilizing traditional medical techniques. A chiropractor will recommend certain muscle relieving exercises which will relax your jaw muscles. Massage, meditation, and biofeedback are other techniques utilized by chiropractors.

Based on your unique situation, the chiropractor will design a plan to address your specific needs. The plan of action may entail visits to his or her office for regular joint alignment sessions. There may be other specific exercises that will be provided to you in order to help with symptom relief. You treatment plan will be devised with the aim of providing long term relief from you malady.

Consequently, if you are suffering from TMJD, make an appointment with your chiropractor. It is likely that your chiropractor can provide long term relief to this problem without utilizing any form of surgery or medications that can have adverse side effects.

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