It is an apocalypse which mankind is staring at and it is also inevitable since the mechanism has already started and is irreversible. What has been built in millions of years – The delicate ecological balance has been disturbed and humanity has been left staring at the inevitable disaster. Years of vacillation by the world community has taken the state to such a level that the process of destruction cannot be stopped. However if we make amends there is a possibility that the timing of the apocalypse can be delayed.

The West Antarctic ice sheet has started its march into the sea and it will be triggering a rise in the sea level by several feet. However the speed of the collapse will depend upon the response to the climate change. The collapse of the colossal Antarctic ice sheet is now inevitable regardless of what measures US and other developing economies like China or India are going to do. However taking war like efforts to combat global warming will eventually decide when this will happen- In the next 2 hundred years or a thousand years henceforth.

Two new studies conducted by University of Washington study and another from NASA researchers have come to the damning conclusion- Antarctic’s huge western ice sheet is slowly collapsing and the process is irreversible. Scientists are predicting that the world sea levels are rising faster and higher than previously assumed.

Eric Rignot, with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Said, “A large sector of the West Antarctic ice sheet has gone into a state of irreversible retreat — it has passed the state of no return. As this sector collapses, it will entrain the other sectors to collapse as well”

This will increase the sea levels by more than 4 feet said Eric. However what is worrying the scientific community more is the effects which this will trigger and it will cause the increase in sea levels by more than thrice to 12 foot or more.

Said Ian Joughin, a glaciologist with the UW’s Applied Physics Laboratory and lead author of the other new study, “You can’t just vaporize all that ice and assume it’s not going to have other consequences. Given all that, it’s hard to imagine the whole western ice sheet not collapsing.”


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