The Vatican’s Pope Francis is said to take a stand on addressing the climate change that is a critical factor facing the environmental issues on the global level.

The Pope’s decision to hold a conference has brought wide spread applause from social activists, who marched through the streets of Rome to show their support to this historic decision from the Pope.

Naomi Klein, a renowned social activist will lead the meeting along with one of the Pope’s senior members, Cardinal Peter Turkson.

Pope Francis has sharply criticized world leaders for not taking any step to fight this issue regarding climate change.

This news has brought a wide positive reaction among the environmental leaders and activists. It has brought good cheer to them as this intervention from the Pope comes ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference that will soon be held in December in Paris.

The Pope has however pointed out to the fact that many such meetings have not been much of a success over the previous meetings and hopes to achieve something in the positive direction, in this round of talks.

Leader of the organization’s global climate and energy initiative, Samantha Smith has hailed the conference from the Vatican as a big leap forward in the environmental issue. Conservation group WWF, Klein and Turkson, will also be participating in the conference.

The Paris Climate change Conference will help to bind commitments and make stronger steps, says Andrea Stocchiero who is from the voluntary group of FOCSIV and one of the organizers of the conference.

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