Following the killing of over 1,000 harbor porpoises in Peru and in parts of the Netherlands, killer grey seals are taking the battle to British waters – and to show that they mean business, several porpoises have been reported killed by these killer seals among others.

Seals are naturally cute-looking and lovable, and thousands of people have befriended them and fed them foods at every opportunity; but the lovable marine animals are starting to show a hidden part of their nature by turning highly carnivorous, and killing as many porpoises as they possibly can. Grey and leopard seals have been discovered to be behind the thousands of mutilated porpoises that washed up ashore – and it now even appears they are killing porpoises for the fun of it.

To show themselves as real sadists, male seals have been caught trying to violently rape penguins, and even pulling unsuspecting swimmers down deep into freezing waters. History is replete with seals killing people and authorities now warn this may be the case again at the rate the seals are going with porpoises.

28-year old Kristy Brown, a British marine biologist was dragged down into deep icy ocean by a leopard seal while she was out snorkeling in 2003; another man in 1985 was dragged from a pack ice into deep freezing water and drowned by a leopard seal; a harbor seal bit off the hands of a 5-year old kid in Canada. Other cases have been reported of seals attacking humans, and this might be getting to it if swimmers do not take appropriate caution in the waters.

It is known that leopard seals are aggressive and quite dangerous to encounter, but this aggression has started to play out in other kinds of seals – and this trend is getting quite disturbing to marine biologists and everyone resident near a body of water.

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