Wildlife webcam operators all across the world have started getting into a controversial questionnaire. They have started grappling with a problem that  is their viewers who don’t want to see anything disturbing over there.

Authorities had to give up onto the protests against themselves earlier this month in Minnesota when they could not save a baby eagle with a broken wing and let the bird die on on live webcam. Viewers across the country called and emailed wildlife officials asking them to step in when it seemed that the parents had abandoned the pair of baby bald eagles in a coastal Maine nest.

One of the eaglets died over the weekend, but the other is still alive.

The webcam is operated by the Biodiversity Research Institute, which also defended the decision to let nature takes its call.

“The nest cam is more of a mirror to reflect what’s going on with all eagle nests. It’s not to be used as a baby monitor to intervene when we see something that makes us feel sad as humans,” said Erynn Call, a raptor specialist with the state of Maine.

“Every year, we show polar bears that are starving while waiting for the ice to freeze. People are like, ‘Feed the bears!’ No, we’re not going to feed the bears,” said Jason Damata from explore.org, which has about 50 wildlife webcams running at any given time.

People across the country called and emailed authorities to take appropriate step when they observed those two poor eaglets getting abandoned by their parents in a Coastal Maine nest.

However, authorities as usual seemed defending the decision they had taken and did nothing except mentioning about their policy, which cannot be forcibly intervened.

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  1. Sheila Hoag

    Nature isn’t always pretty. The humans involved were correct to let things be. If watchers were so aghast, they should have stopped watching. Also, did a first grader write this story?

  2. guest123

    Its obvious this site is utilizing storied blended from abuncha site by computer generated algorithms program in order to collects advertising dollars. Site owner doesn’t much care if you read stories so much as the fact that you visit the site and hopefully click a link to one of his sponsors. The whole concept on online advertising is flawed as the money goes out to hacks who have absolutely no interest in providing quality or even actually doing work and ad companies don’t check before paying.

    • leo

      That’s funnies than worlds under the earth (on the ground rolling and laughing)

  3. Viewers find it disturbing to watch baby eagle dying on webcam – The Westside Story | Internet News 247

    […] Viewers find it disturbing to watch baby eagle dying on webcamThe Westside StoryWildlife webcam operators available all around the places in the world have started getting an ugly yet controversial turn. The problem arouses especially when audience don’t want to see or get involved with something which they found disturbing to watch.Baby eagle on webcam is allowed to die: That’s today’s realityLos Angeles TimesWebcams Offer Viewers Unflinching Look at NatureSci-Tech TodayPublic Outcry after Wildlife Officials Allow Eaglet to Die on WebcamNature World NewsCBS Local -Mediaiteall 141 news articles » […]

  4. PZim

    I’m not going to make a big deal about the writing. Point is, get a life people. This happens, it’s nature. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

  5. Sharronah

    This article is so ineptly written I had a great deal of trouble understanding its point.

    Teach this kid to write properly, or fire him. Either choice would be a much-needed educational experience for him.

    • Fanandala

      I think English is not his first language. Is your German any better than his English?

      • Jacob Beck

        There is this little thing called editing, and it applies to all languages and translating from one language to another.

      • Fanandala

        So we really should blame the editor of “The Westside Story”.
        Many articles in quite a number of online publications are obviously (sadly) not edited, which is especially bad for people like me whose first language is not English. We are not so certain about spelling and grammar and we adopt the wrong things.

      • Jacob Beck

        I know that, and when it comes to publishing any article, it is no excuse. When someone is learning a second language, if they do not take advantage all the available resources, such as asking a native speaker (proficiency matters greatly,) then that is more the students failing than anything else. When I have questions about French or Spanish that a book doesn’t clarify, I ask my friends who are native speakers or seek out someone who is. However, this article is so poorly written, I have to agree with some of the other comments about this being stitched together from other articles by a bot, as any journalist that is worthy of being that title, would hopefully put more effort into editing their work when it is published in their non-native language. Otherwise it severely hampers their credibility, as what is going on here.

      • dot dotdot

        His English is certainly better than my skills in any other language, but a key difference is that I do not attempt to write articles for non-English websites. Are you saying that we should have lower standards for people who were born in a different country?

  6. robbyK

    I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I just gotta say one thing. The worst writer of the year is actually Christian Bloss.

      • Lawrence

        This guy is just Plagiarizing an article by David sharp from sci-tech today website. He just rearranged some paragraphs and added some words.

      • Apul_MadeeqAoud

        Oh sorry, I thought he was doing Kanye West. Never mind.

  7. santac

    Wow, this is the most poorly written article I’ve read all day.

  8. Paul Jacobs

    To the Author, Christian…….Take some of your salary you received and give “up onto” some grammar lessons. After the lessons, you maybe able to arouses someone to actually read your articles…..Or are these just typos from a hand written article……5555

    • Jonathon R

      LOL, then how would you know. That means your comment is purely based off of others feedback. To funny

      • dot dotdot

        No, the first sentence really is that bad.

        “Wildlife webcam operators available all around the places in the world have started getting an ugly yet controversial turn.”

        Did you not notice how little sense that makes?

  9. I Dominguez-Urban

    I think that the end result of viewers asking the owners and the people who run these nest cams to perform more interventions will be fewer cameras to watch. As far as I know, no one is personally making money from these nest cams. Some are probably running them at a loss as an issue of public education and conservation. I hadn’t ever seen this become an issue until this year, although the question of how much humans should intervene has been around for as long as people have been filming wildlife and broadcasting that film.

  10. poopdaddy

    It’s stupid to have a bot crawl the web and sew together junk news stories. It’s even more stupid to pretend they were written by a human. But you don’t go full tard until you fail to proof read even 1 sentence of the crap you are about to publish.

  11. laura

    A wildlife cam is NOT a zoo cam. Get over it. In nature something has to die for something else to live.

  12. L O

    People who cant get past the grammar and just read the story will be the ones who miss the boat because they don’t like the waters it’s floating in.. I’m sure people of the same mentality on the titanic drowned because life vests were so ill fitting and unflattering.

    • dot dotdot

      Except in this case, there are several choices of life vests, and they are all more expertly tailored than this one.

      • L O

        yes, there are those who choose to sift the racks for fashion while the boat is sinking… but when the water is licking your ankles, death is deserving.

  13. robt55

    The only thing worse than the topic is the style (and I use that term loosely) in which it was conveyed.

  14. dot dotdot

    If you look on a map at the address listed on the Contact page, it’s easy to see why they might not have a proofreader on staff: not enough room in the house.

    • I Dominguez-Urban

      What is that supposed to mean? Is there some housing shortage in Sioux Falls, SD?

      • bilingual

        It means if you look up the address on Google maps it is a house, not a business like one might have assumed.
        1401 S Discovery Ave
        Sioux Falls, SD 57106

      • I Dominguez-Urban

        Ah. Thanks. On the internet, anybody can pass themselves off as some kind of organization.

  15. Marc

    Reading other stories by this writer, it’s clear he/she does not have a firm grasp on English (and especially gerund use). But it must also be an editorial issue, since even the About page is incomprehensible.

  16. Thirdrail1

    Psst. Christian Bloss. Don’t write articles in your native language and then convert them to English via Google Translate. This is an unreadable train wreck.

  17. HotToddy

    Did a monkey write this on a typewriter? I have a feeling Curious George would do a better job writing your stories than THIS author!

  18. abcdefgqwerty

    Yeah lets censor how death is part of life so people dont know the truth. These people must live under rocks. Yeah not the best written article of the year.


    If I had recieved an email with this type of grammer, it would immediately be marked as SPAM

    • Thirdrail1

      When you call someone on their grammar, be careful not to misspell grammar.


        maybe I should have said grammmmmmer to highlight my note

  20. scola251

    Was this written by a 5 year old or merely someone for whom English is not their first language?

  21. CountySpud

    All due respect, you should really have an editor or proof reader look at your stories before you publish them. Awkward grammar, poor syntax, fragments, etc. make it difficult to read.

    • teddyspaghetti

      I’m in college and currently getting into writing letters to the editor. With the first one I turned in, the teacher said my writing was excessively wordy and complicated. (Which I understand, to a degree.) I was reminded, however, that the average grade level of a news reader is of the eighth grade. My thought was “So I have to dumb down my writing to appeal to the dumbed down readership?” It seems to be a trend that would “encourage stupid,” if you will.

      I’m not surprised if students have gone through college hearing those suggestions and have now (somehow) made it to writing articles, themselves. Allowing circumstantial handicaps in sports is okay with me but it has no place in education.

      • concise

        Verbosity ≠ intelligent writing. Your thought was wrong.

        To be succinct is not the same as “dumbing it down.”

        Check your arrogance.

      • teddyspaghetti

        Sorry, I guess the air’s a bit thin up here.

      • Drew Palmer

        Perhaps you meant “incorrect.” There is no intrinsic moral connotation to verbosity and therefore your use of the word “wrong” was inappropriate, moralistic, and worthy of a spanking.

      • Jem Nelson

        Perhaps you meant “incorrect,” Drew. Your use of the words “inappropriate” and “spanking” were moralistic and wrong.

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