Max Lee the leading World of Warcraft authority has just released Warcraft Conquest. This release has changed the way way Warcraft is being played.

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Who is Max Lee? He’s the maverick underground WoW player who owns 4 Legendaries, millions of gold and gladiator titles whilst only playing a few hours a week… and no, we’re not talking about using any cheats, exploits, “win tradings”, nothing of that sort…

He has finally come out of his cave and decided to share his secrets with us, with his 7 years of WoW experience starting from beta he currently stands at the top of the WoW world boasting items and achievements that most can only dream of.

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Everyone wants a piece of this action, with big names like T Dub Sanders  (Tony Sanders) even wanting in on this once in a lifetime opportunity… Max Lee is about to release something bigger and better than anything you can imagine.

Do you want in on this amazing opportunity than even the best WoW players are grabbing up? [Check It Out Here]


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