If you work in the IT industry, then you know very well that technology is constantly evolving with new languages, architectures and platforms that you have to learn and understand. It is important to know and understand these new technologies in order to support the demand for an ever-evolving digital world. Web conferencing is a great way to collaborate with colleagues, partners and your social network as well as to train employees. Check out these top reasons to these systems, especially if you work in IT.

1. You can record your meetings.

You will never have to repeat yourself, because with this software, you can easily record your conversations so that colleagues and clients can refer to your words in the future. You can keep these records in a secure database, where employees and clients can access them whenever they feel it is necessary. If you or someone else misses a gathering, you can simply log in and watch these discussions from the database whenever you want. This recording capability eases the need to follow-up with commitments given during long talks. You can also translate comments for employees or clients who do not speak English based on recordings.

2. Familiarize yourself with your employees.

It is a great way to gain feedback from employees. You can use an online discussion to create surveys that each participant must fill out. These survey results are posted as surveys once they are completed, and you can choose to publicize the results or keep them private. You can also use a whiteboard to communicate your ideas by utilizing highlighting and drawing tools.

3. You can improve your training experiences.

You can easily train hundreds of new employees rather than cramming everyone into one room. They can view your personal instructions at their office desk or even at their own homes. You have the capability to monitor their alertness via web cam and trainees will easily be able to communicate with you if they run into any issues.

4. You can promote brainstorming.

You can track how much each person contributes during general assemblies by assigning specific colors to participants in the discussion. If one participant is sharing a little too much and another not enough, you can view their color coded participation levels and use them to guide the chat by calling on participants who are not sharing enough and limiting how much over-sharers are speaking. Many video conference call services also include a feature in which participants can also notify online meeting hosts using tools to virtually raise their hands.

5. You can unite distant office branches.

If your company has multiple branches across the country or even across the world, web conferencing systems can be a great way to link distant branches and their employees. You can transfer files and view presentations to receive hands-on instruction from your counterpart across the pond.

6. You can quickly complete projects.

Web conference platforms enhance communications between project managers and their employees by allowing screen-to-screen communication and enabling users to present their status on projects. These also allow hosts to connect with their participants’ computers to complete unfinished tasks.

7. You can provide IT support.

According to Web-Conferencing-Services.com, these allow users to remotely access other computers around the world, allowing the host to access the computer of another user and accomplish important tasks. It also enhances technical support satisfaction with customers, as they will be able to watch you fix issues on their computers.

8. You can spread breaking news more effectively.

These platforms allow you to break good or bad news face-to-face with other users. While it’s not as great as communicating in person, it’s certainly better than e-mail.

9. You can extend the company’s reach.

It allows people to communicate with anyone around the world with an internet connection and eliminates geographical barriers, says Chron. They provide video, telephone and chat as communication tools.

10. You can talk more and travel less.

With these services, you have the ability to talk with clients and partners across the country without spending excessive money on business trips. You also don’t invest time into traveling and staying in hotel rooms. You can host or attend an appointment virtually without leaving your desk instead.

Are you looking into the best online meeting platform for IT? Many providers like Blue Jeans allow you to host video conferences whether you work in IT or another corporate sector. These save you time and money you’d have spent just to get to on-site locations. It also helps you collaborate with colleagues, partners, suppliers, clients and friends. You can connect with anyone in the world with an Internet connection at any time, using these tools to hold online trainings, HR interviews, press conferences and global forums. You can also share presentations, as well as other materials and documents like spreadsheets.

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