Whales have an influential and positive impact on the capacity of oceans, worldwide carbon stockpiling, and the strength of business fisheries, another study proposes.

Roman and a team of researcher, who tallied a few many years of examination on whales from as far as possible, have discovered that whales have an enormous effect.

Whale’s population in the past were devastated, declining no less than 66 percent and perhaps as high as 90 percent, yet as they recover their vital role in the world’s oceans gets clear.

“The decline in great whale numbers estimated to be at least 66 percent and perhaps as high as 90 per cent, has likely altered the structure and function of the oceans, but recovery is possible and in many cases is already underway,” Roman and his colleagues wrote in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

“The continued recovery of great whales may help to buffer marine ecosystems from destabilizing stresses,” the researchers wrote. This recovered role may be especially important as climate change threatens ocean ecosystems with rising temperatures and acidification.

If recovered, the whales could help buffer the ecosystem by destabilizing certain stresses. Baleen and sperm whales (great whales) are the ocean’s “ecosystem engineers.” Unfortunately for these naturally valuable mammals, commercial fisherman have found them valuable in other ways.

The other nice thing whales do for the climate is eat tons of food and then die. In life, they are fantastic predators. But in death, their swollen bodies are huge sarcophagi for carbon.

In the past it was not possible for scientists to study the impact whales had on the aquatic ecosystem, however modern technology, for example, radio tagging is making it less demanding. This new research could help researchers gain insights into the benefits whales accommodate marine biological ecosystem.

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  1. Katy Girl

    Katy Girl
    Found the original article on Citylab that explains this phenomenon of how whales help the ocean. It’s their poop in addition to their bodies sequestering carbon when they die.

  2. Candid Curmudgeon

    You, too, can be an “expert”! Just have some twerp with a keyboard and an internet connection declare you as one. You don’t even have to get business cards printed.

  3. captainhurt

    This piece is a sign of the end of responsible, informed, and informative journalism

  4. KnoxOff

    I recycle; and the other nice thing I do for the climate is eat tons of food and then die.

    • RealMrTea

      You forgot to mention being an idiot, which seems to be what you do best ಠ_ಠ

  5. Damon Hastings

    Christian, I don’t suppose you could actually list the ways whales help? I’m sure the study was about more than just whales becoming carbon sarcophagi. “Ecosystem engineer” needs to be explained.

  6. Rock Napper!

    HA! Dear, The Westside Story LLC, (1401 S. Discovery Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD – 57106)??? FYI. Your sadly oh-so-typical one-sided “story” made the lead “news” in on-line Google NEWS!!!!!! HA! What incredibly bad editing, all the way around!!! So typical of the bogus “eco” garbage that’s put out there as…… A much more ESSENTIAL bit of news would be on the burden of proof. Meaning, how do we know something is true and worthy of serious adult non-fiction consolidation! Which is clearly not at all practiced by those in your version of such wacko media! HA! If either “Roman” or Bloss is worthy of any consideration at all, this story did neither of them – nor their readers – any favors! “Engineers”? HA! … ever more like self-anointed social.. “engineering!”

  7. RonJohn

    “another study proposes.”

    What other study?

    “Roman and”

    Roman who?

    “a team of researcher”

    A single researcher is not a team.

    “who tallied a few many years of examination on whales from as far as possible”


    “Whale’s population in the past were devastated”

    “the researchers wrote.”

    Wrote where? Presumably in a published study. But you didn’t cite the study.

    Whether Christian Bloss is ESL or a native speaker, he needs real help with grammar and composition.


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