For anyone looking to embark on a job that would result in large amounts of waste, it would be necessary to hire a skip. Hiring a skip will make any job more efficient and organised, no least cleaner; these are some of the main reasons why you should consider one.

Skip hire UK is popular amongst various industries and professions, but not only that, they are hired personally by people looking to do a spot of DIY at a commercial or residential property/site. Therefore, the type of job you’re doing would really dictate whether you needed a skip or not. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Construction/Demolition sites

In the building and construction sectors, skip hire UK is a popular option. Large amounts of waste are gathered and it is common to see construction and demolition sites hire many large skips (usually 20 – 40 cubic yard sized ones). Skips are suitable to hold large volumes of waste collected in construction and demolition jobs, such as high density clay, bricks, wood and rubble.

Bathroom/kitchen fitting

It isn’t just builders on construction sites that hire skips, they for anyone looking to manage sizeable waste . As a way of managing the excess waste from bathroom/kitchen fittings, a builder or DIYer would need to hire a skip. Depending on the size of the job you would need to consider the right sized skip. To manage the excess waste from a small fitting job, you should consider a skip between 2 and 8 cubic yards, however the size of the skip really depends on the size of the fitting job. However for kitchen and bathroom fittings for larger properties or even a number of properties you may need to look at 10 and 16 cubic yard skips.

It should be noted though that there are certain items that cannot be placed within a skip. For example, when fitting kitchens, you can’t place any old white goods within one. If you do, the skip hire company may refuse to collect the skip unless it is removed. White goods need to be taken to local refuse sites for appropriate disposal.

Office/Shop fitting

A similar example would be for anyone looking to replace old furniture and equipment in news offices or shops. Such a refurbishment job would need a particular skip suitable for this type of removal, thus making the job much easier and manageable. Considering the size of your site and skip is important as you want to know if the skip will actually for on the premises . This should determine what size skip you would need, as lorry’s unloading and the loading the skip need to have good access in order to deliver and collect.

Clean and tidy Homes/Offices/Shops

Even if you are not actually fitting your home, office or shop with a new interior design and furniture, you may want to just give a room a good clean. In this case you should consider Skip hire UK. Why? Well because this will mean that you can thoroughly gut a room and remove any unwanted waste safely and securely.

If you have furniture/equipment that you are removing which could potentially attract unwanted attention, for example from people rummaging or garbage surfing, then you may need a lockable or enclosed skip for your job. As added bonus is that this will prevent anyone from fly tipping . Again you need to consider the size of your skip and the site it will be located on. Is there adequate access for delivery and collection? You may need to place the skip on a public road or path; this could be if your site is too small or awkward to fit a skip. If this is the case, then you need a skip hire permit. These are usually easy to obtain, and some hire companies actually sort this for you.

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