A leading national newspaper has obtained a copy of the White House plan for immigration. The new plan would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a new visa known as “lawful prospective immigrant.”

Once they have their new visa the immigrants could then apply for a green card after approximately eight years and after legal applicants have been given citizenship. Because of that, no exact timetable can be given.

The plan also says more funding is needed for security and would make it a requirement that business owners check potential new employees’ immigration status. That requirement would become mandatory within the next four years.

One official from the White House, who refused to be named, said the White House did not leak the plan as a way to float their plan. The official said the administration is supporting the process taking place in Congress over immigration reform, where progress is being made.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is working on a reform plan for immigration in the Senate, condemned the proposal of the White House, saying it would never make it out of the Senate. Paul Ryan the Republican Congressman from Wisconsin and the former running mate of Mitt Romney said the proposal had been leaked by the White House to gain a partisan advantage.

However, Denis McDonough, the Chief of Staff at the White House said the White House administration is hoping Congresses bipartisan immigration plan is passed and drafted one of their own in case the one in Congress fails.

He said the administration will be prepared if the bipartisan talks currently taking place on Capitol Hill do not work out.

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