Microsoft ( NASDAQ : MSFT ), at the BUILD conference in San Francisco, is expected to announce a new Microsoft Windows operating system– Windows 9. While Windows 8 was not a hit like Windows 7, the company plans to take over the market with a completely re-designed operating system.

Code-named as Threshold, the new operating system is expected to arrive in the spring of 2015 and just like other operating systems in the line, Windows 9 is also going to have a full feature ‘start button’ in the left corner of the task bar. Start button was eliminated in the Windows 8 but the company is looking forward to bring it back.

The new operating system will be packed with all powerful apps to control the desktop and is expected to come enabled with gesture recognizing programs. From desktop to ARM computers like surface, Windows 9 is expected to run on every platform.

At the BUILD conference along the Windows Phone 8.1, company is also expected to introduce Microsoft Office for touch enabled devices. The Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to roll out right after the launch event at the conference.

Windows Phone operating system is going to surface with some major changes in it. Starting off with a customizable background, a user can now set wallpaper that goes along with Live Tiles. It now has a new notification center dubbed as Action Center and just like in Android and iOS, a downward swipe is required to see it.

Another major feature it is coming up with is a voice assistant – Cortana. For the first time, after ‘Google now’ and Apple SIRI, Microsoft has introduced a voice-assistant for the Windows Phone. The camera app has been introduced with a bar on the top having different shooting modes to choose from. The bar also has holds options for controlling flash and to switch in between front and rear camera. With the new WP OS, apps now can also be installed on the SD card in the phone.




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