Windows XP today ended its 12 year old life, starting from today, Microsoft won’t provide any security updates or patches for Windows XP operating system. But according to the Redmond giant, the market share for the Windows XP is about 30%, out of which majority belongs to banking and governments sectors.

Just by paying an extra heed, a normal user can make an easy switch over to the newer version of Windows OS, but that’s not the case with banks and government organization running it. The switch is difficult, and requires time and money to do it.

Reports stated that there are about 95% ATMs in the U.S. alone running Windows XP in them, which puts them at a high risk. The risk involves tricking the ATM in giving out the cash, or even the exploitation of the network. But since the banks keeps an close eye on their network, and till the attacker is out of it, ATMs are safe.

Banks are making a move to switch to the newer version of the Windows OS, but since the operation requires a lot of time to the complete switch, they are just delaying till every computer or kiosk is updated to the newer systems.

Earlier we also reported that governments of different countries are also paying a huge amount for Microsoft to extend the Windows XP support,  Reports stated that the UK and Dutch governments also came forward and offered Microsoft a deal of £5.6 million, approximately $9.3 million. Both the governments made the deal to extend the support till next year and for Microsoft to offer security updates for Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003. The support, which only will be available till April next year, will buy the governments enough time to make a switch over to the current operating systems. Although its not clear whether they will be switching over to Windows 7 or the latest Windows 8.1.


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