An unnamed woman that caused some terrible Ebola scare aboard a cruise ship, Carnival Magic, has been cleared of any infection after she tested negative to the disease. The woman worked at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where Thomas Eric Duncan had died of Ebola, and she self-isolated herself aboard the cruise ship when she developed fears that she had the disease.

Two of the hospital nurses that treated Eric Duncan have contracted the Ebola disease and currently undergoing treatment in isolation; this woman traveler didn’t exactly treat Duncan but she had fears she must have come in contact with samples from the late patient. And when she informed the Carnival Cruise ship officers that she might have symptoms of the disease, she was quarantined and the information was relayed to other travelers aboard the cruise ship.

The announcement caused considerable panic aboard the cruise ship that took off from Galveston, Texas on a week long journey. Although the passengers maintained significant maturity and understanding aboard the cruise ship, the Carnival Magic was denied docking at Belize and Mexico over fears that the disease may spread further afield. A coast guard helicopter was later observed to land on the cruise ship to take blood samples from the suspect which was flown back to be tested and analyzed in the lab.

Although the Carnival Magic was denied docking at Belize and Mexico which were important sight-seeing ports that the passengers expected to explore, they showed considerable understanding when they were returned back to Galveston port without being able to visit their scheduled vacation spots. However, lab results show the suspect does not have any Ebola and she has been cleared of any Ebola infection.

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