A group of men in India had enjoyed alcohol and food on Sunday and that same night decided to take a drive around the city. One of the men had a private bus and the group left in that to drive the streets of New Delhi. While driving around, they spotted a man and woman who flagged them down for a ride. The group stopped and allowed the couple on board.

New Delhi is served by hundreds of public and private buses that transport close to 7 million people on a daily basis. Therefore, when the bus stopped the couple figured it was a normal private bus that would take them to their destination. However, that could be no further from the truth.

After the men picked up the two passengers, they started to beat the man with a lead rod and repeatedly raped the woman passenger while the bus continued to ride through the city streets. After the men had repeatedly raped the woman, they stripped her clothes and those of the man and then threw the two passengers onto a highway on the outskirts of the city.

Both survived the ordeal, but the woman has had a number of surgeries to fix problems with her head and intestines. Once news started to circulate through the city, the public became outraged, surrounded the police station where the suspects were being held and blocked highways.

The Parliament in India exploded with angry condemnations and protests over the senseless act, while one member of parliament said that rapists should be given the death penalty.

Horrific violence against women has been on the increase in northern India as last September at least eight men raped a 16-year old girl and recorded the incident on their mobile phones.


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