Duke University – According to a new study, the global warming worst-case models do not justify the progress of global warming. The models developed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) present that the Global warming is progressing at a rapid speed. However, the new study that is based on the temperature records of 1,000 years states that the global warming is advancing at a moderate rate.

global warming

The study carried out by the team at Duke University revealed that variability in the natural sources such as surface temperatures is mostly caused due to the interaction between the atmosphere and the ocean. Similarly, other natural factors too can be responsible for the changes in the warming rate for decades together.

Over-Interpretation of Global Temperature

According to the researchers, these climate wiggles are highly, instrumental in slowing or speeding up the warming rate carried out from one decade to another. This on the other hand offsets or accentuates the effect caused because of the rise in the greenhouse gas concentrations. In the absence of proper explanation, the reliability about the climate models can cause over-interpretation of the short-term changes in the global temperature.

The researchers during the study used empirical data instead of the common climate models. According to Patrick T. Brown, a doctoral student at the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, statistically, hiatus in global warming within 11 years is much unlikely.

Snowboarders Appeal to Fight Against Climate Change

According to Marie-France Roy, snowboarders are directly affected due to climate change and regularly witness its effect on the environment and winter. That is why she has urged the winter sports community to come together and join the fight against change of climate. Roy was speaking her heart out on the eve of Earth Day 2015.

Contrarily, a survey conducted by a team of Yale analysts and Utahns State University has revealed that although climate change is indeed occurring, only 45% in Utah and 48% in America think that it is caused due to human activities.

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