The Measles epidemic is spreading outwards from Disneyland in California has now blown out into a health emergency. The epidemic is being fed by the ever-growing enclaves of un-vaccinated citizens.

According to CDC reports, in the past one month itself, 84 persons across 14 states contracted measles. This number has been deemed adequate by experts because the CDC doers not record all cases. Among the persons who have been suspected to be initially exposed to the virus in Disneyland, over 59 persons have already contracted the disease. A majority of people who have acquired the disease were not vaccinated.

The situation has turned out exactly the same way as feared by experts who have been warning about the pitfalls of the anti-vaccine movement. Two years ago, the anti vaccine movement had led to the worst epidemic of whopping cough in the past 70 years. This time the disease is Measles.  Parents are finally waking up to the danger of the anti-vax movement towards their children and themselves.

The CDC had declared Measles eradicated from the US fifteen years ago. However the statement holds true technically since any country is deemed disease free when the disease is not being continuously transmitted throughout the year.

This is far from reality since more than 90 people have already contracted this disease across 11 states in the first three weeks of the year. A majority of these persons were infected during the outbreak which started in Disneyland in December.

According to CDC the highest number of measles cases since 2004 was seen last year when more than 644 cases were detected across 27 states.

Dr. Joan Duwve, chief medical consultant with the Indiana State Department of Health said, “We are concerned. Only one case of measles constitutes an outbreak for that disease here in the state of Indiana.”

Measles virus is very sturdy and airborne and can pass from an infected person even before he becomes symptomatic.

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