Apple has announced iOS8 at WWDC 2014, coming with a few updates on the consumer side and a lot of changes on the developer side, including a new programming language built specifically for iOS devices.

The Notification Center was the first area updated, texts can now be replied to without moving out of the application and now comes with third party widgets. The multitasking window now shows favorite friends as well as recent applications.

Apple has updated both Mail and Safari for iPad, adding new tabs on the left of the device. Continuity will be coming to iOS8, allowing users of Mac OS to switch between operating systems and finish tasks on their Mac, including replies to mails and documents.

Group messages have been updated, now users can add & remove certain users, set do not disturb mode and leave a thread. In the group messages, more information is shown about the thread, including location of users in the message and shared information shows up on the right side.

Apple has added QuickType to the keyboard, offering predictive texting that changes depending on the friend. The contextual information allows informal or formal predictive words and it appears Apple wants third parties on the keyboard as well, announcing that developers can add their own third party keyboards.

HealthKit and Health was announced today, Apple big move into the health and fitness world. It wasn’t that big of a topic, but it is Apple stepping their foot on all the apps currently working on iOS, offering HealthKit as a way to take all the users information and dispatch it to different applications.

Family Sharing is a big new feature, allowing users to set up a family of six on one shared family account. This account has one credit card and allows parents to keep their kids in check on spending, it also allows media like music and movies to be shared with all the family, without having to pay twice for it.

Apple announced new pricing for iCloud, $0.99 a month for 20GB and $3.99 a month for 200GB. Apple is also adding new integration tools to Siri, including Shazam integration, iTunes payments and 22 new languages.

The iOS8 announcement was half consumer, half developer and the developer changes really outweigh the consumer. First, Apple will be bundling apps together at discounted prices and TestFlight gives developers a way to invite users to beta test new apps, for free.

Extensibility allows apps to talk to one another and integrate different features. Touch ID is now offer out to developers to use as a way to secure their apps. CloudKit API was announced allowing iCloud to take over the server end on applications for free, although price will be scalable.

HomeKit was announced as well, Apple’s venture into smart home tech. The iPhone will work as a hub for all smart home apps and different third parties can connect HomeKit to their device and it will work inside the environment.

Apple made a huge announcement for developers, Swift, a new programming language that works with Objective-C but without all the problems. It is built for iOS devices and comes alongside a new graphics rendering API called Metal, which will step over Open GL|ES.

iOS8 will be available in the Fall!

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