Samsung Electronics Co., a global leader in selling smart phone, is being outmaneuvered in the markets of China and India. Xiaomi Corp., a four-year-old chinese smartphone company that sells high ended phone, is the top selling cell phone brand during the second quarter in main China.
According to a new research produced by research firm canalys, Xiaomi was the most popular phone seller in the market of china as it held a total of 14 percent of the total market share. While Samsung that was holding the top place in China since the year 2012, is on the second position with only 12 percent share left and Lenovo is on third. Xiaomi is also known little in Europe as it sells almost all of its phone in China.
Xiaomi has succeeded to do so as it had captured the attention of the growing consumer market of China. The company builds devices for China market that are high ended features, nice design, and that too in the price range much less than those compared to the competing market firms. Also, the company builds a wide range of this kind of devices. More importantly, the company brings these phones to market in a limited edition so as to increase the demand of public in these devices.
For Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, its just a bit of bad news. Samsung’s last week reported that it was a though second quarter for them as its profit dropped down by 25 percent. Canalys also said that Xiaomi sold 15 million smartphones in China during the second quarter, which was a three-fold time the year earlier. The company said that the in 2014 i.e. the second quarter will still remain a challenge, as due to this increasing competition the company will be forced to make a decrement in its devices’ price.


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