Internet Marketing Wizard Jonathan Simpson has an amazing story. With the help of his mentor he produced a piece of software that helps create large mailing lists. Everyone knows that lists are the key to internet success and this course is leading the way to help everyone online. Jonathan made an interesting video in his own words, it is well worth your time to watch the video.

[Watch his story here]

In the video he shows some amazing accounts, ones that have over $3.6 million in earnings in 12 months! But can these results be obtained?

First can these results be obtained? For someone just starting out, these are simply some amazing numbers and ones that I am sure are real for someone, but do not think you will have this type of success. That is simply not realistic. What you should consider is that this program will help you obtain results, but to get that results will depend on the foundation of work that you put into the program. You can not assume that you are going to get any results without putting in any work. And you have to have realistic expectations.

So what is his system? As I mentioned above this is a list building system. The best part is that it is an automated list building system. If you are looking to get into online marketing, you need to know that building a list is extremely important. This system is designed to work for just about everyone.

What do I mean “just about everyone”? In order to make this product work you need to apply it! It will not work by just sitting on your computer and you sitting on the couch.

[Watch his story here]

Conclusion: This is great product that can help you make money. If you are willing to use it and follow Jonathan’s instructions. If nothing else you need to watch the video as it is full of great information.

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