In a few hundred thousand years, two-thirds of the United States might be wiped out and all signs of plant and animal or human life killed, and this might even occasion a destruction of the earth – thanks to a buildup of magma 400 miles beneath the Yellowstone Park in Wyoming which threatens to explode into a massive explosion.

Scientists predict that when this happens, hot lava will be hurled thousands of feet into the sky and deposits of volcanic ash that is 10 feet deep might run for thousands of miles away. The entire US might be covered in thick volcanic ash that might kill all forms of life (and then would the end come?), or rather make most of the US totally uninhabitable.

But the good news according to researchers is that this might not happen in this generation, and for thousands of years to come. In fact, it is expected that this might happen in about a million years to this time. But there is more good news: a computer simulation called “Ash3D” and used by the US Geological Survey reveals that the “Armageddon” is not as bleak as earlier predicted by scientists.

The USGS states that the Yellowstone supervolcano eruption might not occur in the coming centuries, even though there is a likelihood that any unforeseen earthquake might counter this assertion with any shifts in the eological plates under the earth within the national park. The US geological agency states that this might never happen in our lifetime, and it is not even as dramatic as was once estimated.

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