Three fighters from al-Qaeda including one, who was considered a senior member, were killed in the south central region of Yemen after a drone strike, said local authorities who told a national television network.

Moqbel Ebad Al Zawbah along with two of his companions was killed Thursday inside their car in Al Bayda province, the security forces said. A foreign news agency announced that the attack was the fifth time a drone had blasted the area in the past 10 days, where the U.S. has started to step up its strikes using drones against al-Qaeda operatives.

One resident in the area said a drone had been seen flying over the area the last couple of days. He said the vehicle in which all three men had been sitting in was destroyed and none of the three bodies was left recognizable. Officials in Yemen, who report on drone strikes, would not comment on which country was responsible for the strike.

However, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi the President of Yemen spoke in favor of strikes by drones during a trip in September to the United States. The U.S. Ambassador in Sanaa has praised the Yemen president for being more effective fighting al-Qaeda compared to his predecessor. Hadi has been quoted as saying he personally has approved all of the drone attacks that have taken place since he became president.

Washington has increased its attacks against the terrorist group, which has attempted many attacks against targets that are the property of the U.S.

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