YouTube is now funding its stars on the website to help them make new videos and grow their subscribers lists. Earlier, Google at the Google I/O, held at the end of July, announced that viewers can now help authors of their favorite channels by donating an amount of money they would like. YouTube will invest money in those top channels to stave off the rising competitions from the channels, including DailyMotion and Vimeo.

YouTube in a blog post said, “Throughout that time, we’ve made a number of key decisions to accelerate this transformation. We first made a series of investments in channels to jumpstart our creator ecosystem. Eighty-six of those channels are now among the top 1 percent of YouTube’s most popular, but the real sign of success was the massive global fan base our creators built.”

They will ensure that the creators have enough resources to provide more quality videos and content on the website. YouTube has already created YouTube Spaces to allow the creators with free access to the state-of-the-art technologies. It is currently in L.A., Tokyo, London and soon going to be in the New York.

YouTube said, “Then, to ensure our creators had the production support they needed; we created the YouTube Spaces in L.A., Tokyo, London and soon New York. The Spaces offer creators free access to the latest and greatest equipment, sets and support to facilitate creativity and content innovation.”

YouTube has also helped the creators this year in marketing and campaigning for their great content and great videos. However, making a video is not a day job and requires a lot of patience, money and time to complete.

“It’s been an incredible few years for YouTube. And with YouTube stars jumping from their bedrooms to billboards in Times Square, we think there’s never been a better time to be a creator, ” they concluded.

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