After having held two Q&A sessions at his Menlo Park Office in California, Facebook founder-owner Mark Zuckerberg is all set for his first international Q&A session at the Columbian capital city of Bogota on January 14. The youngest person featured on the list of Forbes top influencers on our planet for the year 2014, Zuck will be visiting South America to take his initiative further.

While visiting the South American country known for its soccer crazy people and its drug mafia, Zuckerberg will meet telcos to make the internet accessible to populations across the world.

In his earlier Q&A sessions, the Facebook CEO has deftly handled questions like the declining organic reach of Facebook pages, the standalone Messenger app and whether (and when) the social site will introduce a ‘Dislike’ button. This time however, he could see some grittier questions being raised say the experts.

The social site which has invited the users to submit the questions which they would want to ask Zuck leaves no room for doubt as to that. A Columbian teenager, for example, wanted to know if the young and dynamic CEO could organize a public awareness campaign which could help shatter myths about drug trafficking in his country.

Another site user from Ecuador wanted to know how the site could help with tech education. “A while back you mentioned how important it is for people to learn basic programming and coding. … Would you consider opening up a series of educational centers across the country … to focus specifically on those subjects and make it affordable for people?”

Others have concerns about access to the Internet. “How will Facebook help Latin American people to be more connected to the Internet considering the difficulties of our region?” one person asked.

“Can you install an ‘I’ve read this’ button so we won’t continue to see post[s] we have already read several times?” asked a user from St. Petersburg, Florida, whose question garnered more than 80 likes.

A Chile based user wants him to introduce more options for customizing profiles while another one wanted to know why the site owners chose blue over any other color and why they have stuck to it for such a long period. Still others wanted their favorite networking site to give them an option to publish audio posts as well, instead of just text and video.

One of the questions for Zuckerberg was deeply personal and philosophical.

“You are rich enough to not be motivated anymore by money,” a user wrote. “You and your company are well known enough not to be motivated by recognition, and Facebook’s powerful ability to act as a catalyst continues to grow. So I would like to know, what motivates you now?”

In addition to answering to the questions submitted by the site users on their Facebook response form, Zuckerberg will also take questions from a live audience. Seeing the questions submitted online, he can be expected to touch topics like the increasing popularity of video shares on the site, language translation tools as well.


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